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Friday, February 18, 2011

[TOOL] tech.Burner - free iso burning tool

ok guys this one is a good alternative for nero..

try my tech.Burner image file burning tool..


- stand alone
- lightweight [192kb ONLY]
- fully portable - no need to install
- stable data read after burn
- low memory consumption

File Image Selection Field:
Supply the name of the file image. This file usually has the .ISO
file extension.

Device Selection:
If you have more than one burning device, then select which device to use.

Read Verify:
Check this option to verify the integrity of the disc after burning.

Enables session-at-once (SAO) recording for CD.
Note: The burning device in use must support SAO for this feature to work.

Leave this checked to have the discs finalized (no more writing allowed).

Auto Eject:
Automaticaly eject the drive tray when needed. Please note that under WinNT/2000/XP/2003, if this option is unchecked, the drive tray will open when the Start button is clicked, but will close automatically.

If you have underrun problems then you may have to choose a slower speed.
If you select the Optimal speed setting, the drive's firmware will be
relied upon to select the best burning speed for the media in use.
Note: The speed can be changed during the burn, but it will not take
effect unless the burn process is stopped and restarte

download here:
tech.Burner 2


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