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Free Cproxy Trial Account

No more blubbly talking, here are your cproxy trial account!

Replenished every day so dont forget to check our site for updates.

July 26, 2010 1:16pm ph time +8hr gmt
User ID and PASSWORD are case sensitive
  1. UserId: 100569800 Password: b6ur5dbj
  2. UserId: 100057863 Password: jfa6ke83
  3. UserId: 100313988 Password: xtf384xv
  4. UserId: 100154732 Password: t2xhrvbs
  5. UserId: 100025531 Password: ujqj9fx9
  6. UserId: 100573438 Password: qvqcqd3k
  7. UserId: 100669523 Password: vxg8uxsf
  8. UserId: 100009335 Password: fe6krn36
  9. UserId: 100511900 Password: r3hg7sfe
  10. UserId: 100882311 Password: gcvw2sfp

July 25, 2010 1:55pm PH time +8hr gmt   
User ID and PASSWORD are case sensitive
  1. UserId: 100315525 Password: tkmr5csb
  2. UserId: 100548045 Password: 88487kkb
  3. UserId: 100190718 Password: nkvge533
  4. UserId: 100389376 Password: 7ppq5f4v
  5. UserId: 100916586 Password: u7b6nv46
  6. UserId: 100834233 Password: xvskdmfn
  7. UserId: 100800107 Password: 4nnrw23p
  8. UserId: 100515049 Password: u655qr6m
  9. UserId: 100168096 Password: fexghxbs
  10. UserId: 100335254 Password: 5qkg9eqv

    Just comment if you got one so that other people can be informed.
    ex: hey techsandwich i got #1 account.. :)


    kraun0s said...

    mga bossing kinuha ko na po ang lahat ng account...tnx po...

    -charlo- said...

    another account

    UserId: 100826160
    Password: a4xxvn2s

    UserId: 100722898
    Password: xvp4duec

    UserId: 100878145
    Password: 36b8q2ct

    UserId: 100728441
    Password: vhv3qx2b

    UserId: 100568363
    Password: 27e3bbbs

    UserId: 100292065
    Password: ughcspcs

    UserId: 100097760
    Password: bmcbfnwh

    UserId: 100296480
    Password: 5nm44mjd

    UserId: 100233417
    Password: vpasq3sf

    UserId: 100056175
    Password: tp7vsuhd

    -charlo- said...

    UserId: 100056223
    Password: 4ubnvpcj

    UserId: 100718684
    Password: n2vrabtx

    UserId: 100984398
    Password: bjwkm825

    UserId: 100220550
    Password: wmwjs8t2

    UserId: 100884851
    Password: wrhchduu

    Anonymous said...

    bossing,paturo nman po nung phpscript sa pag generate ng cproxy nyo nlng po skin kung confidential...tnx pla ym q: kraun0s

    techsandwich solutions said...

    thanks bro charlo for the update! :)

    -charlo- said...

    UserId: 100671858
    Password: j6ebu2h4

    UserId: 100230131
    Password: nx9xmujf

    UserId: 100970964
    Password: 8qe4mbmv

    UserId: 100421014
    Password: u2qhp946

    UserId: 100268910
    Password: kjntmabn

    UserId: 100525887
    Password: xctx28hv

    UserId: 100715730
    Password: vae8dh3m

    UserId: 100122329
    Password: rum4njqh

    UserId: 100584765
    Password: 672qa46d

    UserId: 100165481
    Password: t2wv6mqx

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Bro. Charlo, musta po, Bro. Bart po from Pampanga.

    Triker said...

    hey techsandwich i got #1,#2,#3,#4,#5 account.. :)

    -charlo- said...

    1.UserId: 100618965
    Password: 6sge3cg5

    2.UserId: 100281620
    Password: rwkcserd

    3.UserId: 100759738
    Password: gtshmxkr

    4.UserId: 100217568
    Password: d25pmp4d

    5.UserId: 100606615
    Password: bgp82cb5

    -charlo- said...

    another account 24 june 2010 5:35 pm

    1.UserId: 100896410
    Password: rqv4na3p

    2.UserId: 100504763
    Password: agrudm5k

    3.UserId: 100452023
    Password: vxmg3mu8

    4.UserId: 100249903
    Password: buk27rm6

    5.UserId: 100041073
    Password: qm97r7ue

    -charlo- said...

    UserId: 100385953 Password: msggbmkq

    Anonymous said...

    ang dame nman account nagagamit ba yan lahat? suggest ko na lang na sana send tru PM na lang para di ma block..

    JinKaiser13 said...

    got july 2's 1-4 account.. hope it works.. Thanks!

    Anonymous said...

    kuya tech pm mo naman poh on how to create account sa cproxy...plz poh.thanks poh

    techsandwich said...

    pano ko ppm sayo eh di mo naman nilagay name mo.. :lol:

    Anonymous said...

    peter melou 2 ung parent proxy n bngay u skin ayaw gumana lahat e..bkit gnun???

    Anonymous said...

    eh panu b gmitin ung accounts?
    paturo din.

    Anonymous said...

    asa fb b ni sienna kung panu? :)

    reu said...

    wala po ba jan premium :lmao:

    Earn cash from web said...

    Hey bro tech this is bro mowgli i got 1 to all account ha ha ha

    Anonymous said...

    ok bro ang galing ng mga account nyo.thanx

    Anonymous said...

    thanks nakuha ko yung mga account ngayung july 15
    number 1 to 5 kinuha ko.hehe.salamat uli.

    Anonymous said...

    hey techsandwich i got #1 account.. :)

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